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Dinami is the Greek word for strength and Dinami USA Inc. will provide you strength, stability, support and a high level of expertise for your dietary supplement undertaking.

With 23+ years of experience in aspects of the dietary supplement industry, we will ensure the realization of your dream to bring a product or products to the consumer market. Whether your project requires the start to finish or sourcing of raw materials, manufacturing private/white-label or innovation ideas we will support you every step of the way with full accessibility, timeliness, and overall positive experience.

Why Dinami?

Help Every Step of the Way

We will hold your hand from day one by providing you all the information and tools you need to succeed.

100% USA Made

All of our finished products are formulated and mixed in our facilities in the U.S.A.

Smart Quantities & Low Investment to Get Started

Start small and learn how you can grow big, all with Dunami’s team to guide you along the way.

Super Fast Order Fulfillment

Typically our turnaround time for order shipment is under 14 days!

Quality Products

We source our ingredients and raw materials only from high quality, vetted manufacturers and distributors with stable, secure supply chains.

Quality Control

All of our raw materials go through stringent testing with 3rd party validation available upon request. The finished products are manufactured in the US by either GMP certified or ISO 9000 facilities.

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