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Innovation has always been the lifeblood of the nutraceutical industry for validation and differentiation. Here at dinami we put an emphasis on solutions for brands to stand out with two categories to achieve this.


Beadlet technologies, a unique benefit of the liquid capsule (cellulose) is that it provides 4-5x less shell material than soft gels.
Increased bioavailability
Longer shelf life
Usage in capsules and powder
Absorbed over time in the digestive process (GI tract)
Sustained / controlled release
Incompatible ingredients can be delivered simultaneously
Initial target ingredient circulatory system spike is reduced
Exterior shell created for encapsulated active nutrient
Protective outer layer reduces exposure to oxygen, light, temperature, pH, and other environmental interactions
Improved appearance and wide range of color options available

Liquid Capsules

Vegan, plant-based, clean label compliant,non-GMO Project Verified, OU Kosher approved, and Vegan Society Certified

4-5 x less shell material than softgels
Faster absorption than softgels
Aesthetic consumer appeal and transparent appearance
Active ingredient options:
any nutritional oil, marine lipids, oleoresins, carotenoids, tocotrienols, hemp/CBd ingredients, etc


Artificially produced liposomes are used mainly in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, as well as in scientific research, as models for biological membranes. Aqueous solutions or suspensions of various substances can be placed inside the liposomes, including medications or nucleic acids. This feature facilitates the use of liposomes as drug carriers, and within non drug sector have developed advanced systems of active substance carriers dedicated to cosmetics, dietary supplement, and pharmaceuticals. The result is 100% biocompatible, biodegradable innovative carrier, which effectively improves the properties of the encapsulated substances.


A ready-to-use effervescent granulation. The base components are coated by a patent-pending protective film barrier to prevent premature reaction. This barrier slows down moisture absorption to prevent any proliferation between the acid and carbonate until the time of intended use and does not require special low humidity environments for storage or manufacturing.

Oral Dissolve Film Strips

Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose
Yeast-beta glucan
Medium chain triglycerides
Oat fiber
Water (as moisture)
Flavor Wild berry
Tapioca starch
Sorbitan monostearate
Polysorbate 80
Flavor Peppermint
FD&C Blue #1

Extended Release Ingredient

Fenuflakes is defatted flakes derived from fenugreek seeds.
Extends nutrient release up to 6 hours
Improved athlete compliance
Easy to use powder form
Enhanced dispersibility
Suitable for whey and fruit-based formulations
Helps mask unpleasant taste and odor
cGMP compliant
Kosher and Halal certifications available
Customizable composition

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