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Energy & Weight Loss

Do you need help with either energy or weight loss?

Many of us do these days, which is why Dinami manufactures clean, safe, and efficacious supplements to give the added support where it's needed most. Three of our best products for addressing fatigue AND expediting weight loss include: Hyperox, Entracap, and Ararsyn.

These items enjoy an outstanding reputation among wellness pros because they help you blast through workouts, convert fat into muscle, and without lots of unusual side effects. Below is a brief description of each supplement.


Hyperox is the best place to start if you’d like to energize before a heavy workout. That’s because this fenugreek seed extract has just the right nitric oxide components to get you going AND achieve a magnificent pump following resistance training.

Hyperox can be part of your workout smoothie, or consumed in a variety of other ways. Its novel nitric-oxide signaling means your brain will receive an added dose of motivation, earlier in your workouts. Here’s your chance to shatter personal records and leave the gym more satisfied than ever.


Entracap assists with weight loss, digestion difficulty, and pain management all at once. It’s also a solid option for clients who are interested in something for low-intensity exercise.

How does Entracap work?

Entracap utilizes Capsaicinoids, which are abundant in peppers, but it’s rather irritable to the stomach when consumed alone. Our patented product leverages the benefits of Capsacinoids, but in such a way as to bypass the stomach, directly into the intestine. The end result is a safe and effective appetite suppressant and far less pungency.


Arasyn is another fine selection for athletes and power lifters who need an energy boost for the most difficult workouts. Based on Arachidonic Acid, this supplement promises the opportunity to craft a perfect physique, and get a massive pump faster. After trying Ararsyn, you’ll finally be able to push yourself farther, no longer inhibited by exercise plateaus.

These are three of our favorite energy enhancing and weight loss supplements. Dinami USA is your home to an array of natural ways to optimize health, wellness, and fitness. We also assist other manufacturers with our experienced consulting services. Call us anytime to learn more about Hyperox, Entracap, or Ararsyn at 941-444-1284.

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