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Product Manufacturing

The challenges of bringing a brand or product to life are numerous. Same is true for ensuring the same quality and controls for already established products with numerous runs per year.

We take the stress out by supporting and consulting on each aspect of the project such as packaging selection, sourcing stable raw materials, making recommendations for input all along ensuring cost competitiveness. Fulfillment services can be offered to ensure on time delivery to distribution partners or e-commerce business.

All manufacturing is done in cGMP, EPA registered facilities.


Capsule Manufacturing

Products may be designed in several capsule formats including
colored, veggie and imprinted.

Softgels Manufacturing

The smooth coating helps make Softgels easy-to-swallow. Softgels also have a long product shelf life.

Tablet Manufacturing

Cost effective, good shelf life and ideal for certain types of formulas where dissolution timing is critical.

Powder Manufacturing

Practical for formulas measured in grams and offers flexible dosing options for protein or creatine products.

Gummies Manufacturing

Favored by children and adults, gummy vitamins deliver nutrients in a great tasting and fun chewable candy format.

Cream Manufacturing

Our cream manufacturing capabilities include lotions, serums, cleaners, toners, butters, soaps & OTC ointments.

Flavor Systems

Our flavor experts will invent a unique and delicious tasting
product that consumers will prefer in the marketplace.

Vitamin Manufacturing

Manufacture a pure vitamin / mineral formula, custom multivitamin or multivitamin pack.

Protein Manufacturing

Formulate your own protein supplement made from whey
isolate or concentrate, casein, or soy protein.


Work with our company to manufacture a probiotic product with maximum CFUs and microflora activation.

Pet Vitamins

We formulate and manufacture chews, granulations, liquids, capsule and tablets for dogs and cats.

Sports Nutrition

Customize a sports supplement for athletes seeking to maximize and enhance their physical and mental performance. Manufacture a bodybuilding supplement like protein, creatine, pre-workout, fat burners, multivitamins & more.


Cosmetics & Creams


NSF Registered Vitamin

FDA Registered
Supplement Manufacturer

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