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Muscle Growth, T-Support, & Endurance

For men of any age, testosterone has a synergistic relationship with muscle growth and endurance. It’s hard to get bigger, stronger, faster, or live healthier without it. Fortunately, with the help of Dinami patented products, it’s easier than ever to get that extra boost from a clean supplement.

Here’s how it works with some of our most effective muscle growth, workout recovery, and testosterone maximizing items.

Reliable Products for Muscle Growth, T Support, & Endurance


AnaTest is a testosterone booster extracted from the Bulbine Natalensis plant. We grind this extract into a freeze-dried herbal powder and deliver it in either tablet or capsule form. It’s ideal for men, 30 and over, looking for a testosterone rebound. AnaTest can also help you conquer those debilitating low points in a testosterone cycle, letting you train your muscles much more efficiently.


As the name suggests, this substance allows you to recuperate faster after grueling workouts. It’s not only useful for healing muscles but also for anti-aging purposes and joint health. This high-glycoside product has the backing of at least four empirical studies demonstrating its efficacy. Plus, it doesn’t come packed with excessive manufacturing ingredients (water and ethanol only).


When serious lifters want to achieve an outstanding muscle pump, they seek a physiological effect known as hypertrophy, which is what Hyperox facilitates better than anything else. Taken as a pre-workout supplement, it comes from fenugreek seed extract, and extends nitric oxide signaling and expedited nutrient delivery to your muscles. Most users take Hyperox in either tablet, capsule, or beverage form.


Vinomerix is a grape seed extract with a plethora of health benefits: muscle growth, circulatory health, anti-aging, skin health, immune health, increased antioxidants, and more. The best part is that it comes from the highest quality grapes from Champagne, France.


This patented form of Arachidonic Acid muscle enhancer achieves the golden synthesis of safety and efficacy with 5 Human Clinical Studies done at US Universities. It is the optimal growth supplement for beginners, since it’s pretty powerful, experienced lifters will enjoy much faster results over comparable items on the market. If you want to put an end to workout plateaus, then this is your solution, available in powder or soft gel delivery with numerous applications in food/beverage and dietary supplements.

So, as you can see, we carry high-quality items designed to help you power through your workouts and recover from them easier afterwards.

Dinami manufactures innovative, clean, and effective supplements for fitness performance, weight loss, mood improvement, heart health, and more. Chances are, if you’re searching for a healthy supplement that actually works, we provide the best version of it. Contact us anytime for more product information by calling 941-444-1284.

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